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Thank you for visiting our website! Its target is to provide our customers with the opportunity of making use of our custom-built advanced intelligent online software. Online software has big advantage: it could be used on any device with any operating system. All you need is - connection to the Internet and Web Browser.

You can start using our Calculators, three of them are Free of charge and can be used without Registration and User Account. There are IP Code Calculator, Units converter and Flooring calculator). Also, you can try a FREE working Demo of Minor works Certificate (part of it) to see for yourself, how it looks like and the way it works. All of mentioned above could be found in the menu on the top of the page.

Also in the top menu you can find and use Four useful documents: Electrical job checklist, Job estimate/quote letter to a customer and 2 Electrical Installation drafts (EICR and MEIWC Certificate Forms for testers).

General Purpose Calculators

Our Intelligent General Purpose Calculators are a great help to the Construction Professionals and House Project Enthusiasts and even DIYers. Calculate the areas, volumes and other measurements required for wide variety of building projects.

Read our set of useful tips and time and cost saving advices found on the calculators pages. Look at the summary of the calculated project, print it or save it in PDF format or Microsoft XPS Document Format and send it to your builder or take it to the Builders outlet or DIY store to purchase the materials.

Electrical Certificates, Reports and Schedules

Our Intelligent Electrical Certificates, Reports, Schedules were designed with busy Testing Engineer in mind. Our coders worked closely together with Electrical Testing Engineers to create the best set of tools for effective, effortless and error free testing process and following quick and error free filling of relevant Inspection and Testing and some additional Documents:

El. Certs. and Sched. DRAFTS for testers

Drafts are very useful tools for carrying out the tests. Not many testers will use their PCs whilst on site during testing process. The environment around might be dirty, dusty, which is not ideal for your computer. Just print Drafts in the office and take them with you for testing procedure. Insert figures in the spaces provided with pen or pencil. Get back to office, switch on PC, login to your account, fill in document needed and print it. Job done.

  • Minor Electrical Installation Certificate DRAFT
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (Periodic) DRAFT
  • Schedule of Test Results DRAFT (Two variants - portrait/landscape)
First two you can find in the menu on this page. All three available on the account page after registration.

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General Purpose Calculators

Get Flooring Projects details, Convert Units and Get The IP Codes for Electrical Equipment using Free Apps link on navbar above.

Electrical Certificates, Reports and Schedules

Complete Electrical Certificates, Inspection and Testing Schedules, save, print, send them after creating Account with Us!

El. Certs. and Schedules DRAFTS for testers

Complete Job Quotes/Estimates, Electrical Job Checklists, use Our EICR and MEIWC Drafts for creating preliminary draft records!

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