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Complete Electrical Calculations, find out IP Codes for electrical appliances, equipment and switchgear with Our Intelligent Calculators with ease! Calculating various electrical values is no simple task: Tester has to remember a lot of electrical calculation formulas, how to transpile values and many other points. Our Intelligent Calculators make this an easy task- just enter the values and read the result. Many Electrical Calculations require in-depth knowledge of BS7671- in a laymen terms- where in BS7671 the answers are located, for instance, finding out what Index of Protection(IP Code) of switchgear, equipment and appliances are supposed to have to be installed and utilised in a different parts of an electrical installation- for instance, in a special locations. Our IP Code Calculator makes it very easy to find out- just enter the requirements on the top dropdown menus and get the result You require. Record it and purchase or check an electrical equipment accordingly. And it is free to use- select Calculators and Choose IP Code from top dropdown menu on a page. And, obviously, it is very beneficial to create an account with us- much more helpful info and calculators are available to Members only. Units convertor is also very handy- to find out how many units are in a different measurements. And all of this could be found on our website. Enjoy! Or create an Account with us and make Your busy Tester's life even easier!