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Electrical Tester's job is not only an office job filling certificates and reports and providing an expert professional opinion on condition of Electrical Installation and signing paperwork.
Our Quotes are very useful in providing quotations and estimates to the customer on a go- just enter the values in a form and get a total- there is not even buttons to press- it gets updated automatically, even when you change Your mind and update the values entered. Our Electrical Job Checklist gets the recording of jobs completed and jobs to be completed in order- enter the records and keep them updated to keep Yourself and Client aware of the progress.
Sometimes Electrical Tester/ Engineer can be found entering and working in almost inaccessible places trying to record electrical inspection and testing results under the dim natural light or penlight. Very inconvenient. And it is not a good idea to use a fresh set of Electrical Certificates and Reports for recording- paper gets dirty and untidy and not presentable and, definitely, not fit to be handed over to the Customer/Client. Writing results on pieces of paper is not an option either- it is difficult to record accurately and distinguish which values are for which readings afterwards. Therefore, Our Document Drafts are very handy- just print them out, take them with You whilst working, mark them as You wish and then fill in the proper Certificates and Schedules afterwards. Sorted!